How Can You Help?

We are in this together.  We know that the COVID-19 epidemic is disproportionately impacting the most vulnerable people in our society, and we won’t stand for it. 

Strong Community
The PTA has established 3 significant ways to help support our families meet urgent basic needs during this catastrophic shutdown. The need in our community is great. Strong communities support each other, and BHIS is an incredibly strong community.

Go Fund Me
A separate fund established by some BHIS parents to also provide direct and immediate help with food, rent, and other urgent costs.
Please consider donating to this fund if company match or tax receipts are not an issue. Please donate and share!

Beacon Hill Families Relief Fund
A Fund within the PTA designed to provide immediate assistance to Beacon Hill families to meet their basic needs. Learn more.
Please consider donating to this fund if you get a company match or need a tax receipt for your donation. Send a check to Beacon Hill PTA, memo line Emergency Relief Fund, 2025 14th Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98144 or donate via our PayPal link (include the phrase “Emergency Relief Fund” under “Add a note” when contributing to the Relief Fund).

Sponsor a Family Are you able to pledge $50 to $300 a month for the next 3 months to directly help a family? We will pair you with 2 or three other sponsor families into a pod to help a family in our school community meet their needs. Part of being in a strong community is relationships among and between families.  However, we know that power dynamics can be uncomfortable and damaging, so we will preserve families’ privacy as much as possible. Email to pledge your support.

Equity and accountability: Funds from all of these methods are disbursed confidentially and as equitably as possible, following guidance from the family support worker, teachers, and school administration. Questions? Write


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