At Odessa Brown’s School Based Health Center, your child can receive preventative care from our licensed Nurse-practitioner via Telehealth on Wednesdays and in-person on Saturdays. We provide well child checks, immunizations, physicals or your student can be seen when they are simply not feeling well.

We also have a licensed mental health therapist available Monday-Friday 8-4pm to help students who need additional support while in school.

 Odessa Brown is aware this is an unprecedented time; we offer resources to support families in obtaining technology products and support for telemedicine. 

Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic is excited to collaborate with Beacon Hill International School.  We are the only primary care clinic of Seattle Children’s Hospital with trained pediatric providers, who offer:

School Based Health Center Services

Community Outreach

  • Helping children and families get the health care access they need – including insurance, appointments, prescriptions, outside resources and more.


  • Access Consultation and Primary care two days a week.
  • Offer physical exams and sports physicals.
  • Clinical lab testing & immunizations
  • Screening and treatment for chronic illnesses like Asthma and diabetes

Mental Health

Support children with emotional development, on site at the school.

  • Social skills
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Dealing with Anxiety or Depression
  • Behaviors

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OBCC patient or new students: all students will receive paperwork at the beginning of the school year. Please complete, sign and return all the documents to your teacher, if you would like to continue or receive services at school. We need your information and signature every year.

 You do not have to change your primary care physician or clinic to benefit our services at the school.

Students need be registered and documents signed in order to be seen or get services.