Every year the Beacon Hill PTA supports our school by raising the funds needed to purchase back-to-school supply items (markers, pens, paper, tissues, hand sanitizer etc) in bulk. These items are not covered by our district funds or the school budget. In the past, families were asked to purchase supplies individually, but many students were left without adequate supplies, meaning teachers had to cover the extra supplies out of their own pockets. Purchasing in bulk supports teachers in having the supplies they need, allows school supplies to be purchased at a better rate, and ensures equitable access to school supplies

Our goal is to raise $15,000, which translates to about $40 per student across our 375 students, for school supply items. If you are in a position to do so, please donate an amount that is meaningful to you – yur generosity is appreciated.

Donate here: https://my.cheddarup.com/c/beaconhill-pta-school-supply-fundraiser?cart=96dc85a9-f330-476f-bca5-2ab2c4ae0615%21%2159653037&mrId

School supply drive FAQ:

My kid is so excited to buy school supplies – can I still buy supplies for my kid? 

We get it! Buying supplies is an exciting part of starting a new school year. Whether you participate in supporting the school supply drive or not, the PTA will cover supplies for your child at BHIS. If you would like to purchase additional supplies for your child, you are of course welcome to. Families have also shared that their child was excited to bring supplies for the class or their teacher to school – we are collecting Amazon Wish Lists from some of our teachers if you are interested in supporting in that way. Please check back for those lists in the coming weeks.

My child has special needs – will they have the supplies they need? 

Teachers share their school supply lists with the PTA and have taken into account special supply needs, like left-handed scissors and sensory toys. If you have specific concerns, please reach directly out to your IEP liaison or school administrators. 

I can only donate $X amount – is that enough?

Every dollar helps us reach our goal of $15,000! Your support is appreciated regardless of level.