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Our sincerest apologies! There was a miscommunication and guitar will not be offered during the 4-week trial. Below are the updated class descriptions.

Mode Music and Performing Arts is coming to BHIS for a 4-week trial starting on Thursday, November 15. Weekly sessions will be 90-minutes long, from 2:40-4:10pm, and will take place in the gym. Both classes will take place at the same time.


Let’s start a band! Using voices and instruments, percussive and melodic, we will teach the basic fundamentals our very own traveling, acoustic rock band. Students learn hands-on through a variety of popular songs providing education on rhythm, melody, harmony, technique, form and expression in the styles they choose. They will get firsthand experience practicing (and recording) partial and complete songs, starting with covers and moving on to an original and/or parody of their own. All in-class materials will be provided and students will leave with a digital recording of their completed work. No music experience required. A demonstration of learned material will take place the last day of class during the last 30 minutes.

UKULELE FOR ALL! (Grades 3-5)

Come learn ukulele with us! Whether you’ve played before or have never picked one up, our group ukulele class gives students the opportunity to pick up and instrument that they can take with them anytime, anywhere. Basic knowledge of the instrument is introduced while learning to tune, strum, read tablature and read chord charts. Students will leave being able to pick out simple, familiar melodies and play a few 3 chord campfire songs. A demonstration of learned material will take place the last day of class during the last 30 minutes.

Material Fee: $30 for purchase of ukulele (not applicable for students that provide their own)

Payment will be collected at a later time and an invoice will be sent to the email address that you provide during registration. Cost is $15/session or $60 total. Scholarships will be available and families can indicate the need during registration.

Please provide feedback after the trial period so we may tailor future classes.

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